Philip Charles Stephens | Albuquerque Portrait Photographer

A few weeks ago my Dad drove my husband and I out to the middle of nowhere in the rain so that I could finally get some photos of my honey 😉 My husband, Phil,  is currently working as a ghostwriter for The Writing Company, which is run by the AMAZING Susanna and Demi Quinn (you can check out Susanna on Goodreads, her stories are absolutely incredible).  Phil is also finishing up his first novel (which he won’t let me read), and is in charge of editing all my blog posts before they are published, except for this one because he said it would be weird. So if you see any typos on anything else, I blame him. He has had a brilliant story published in Conceptions Southwest and you can check out his recent online serial, The Closed Gate, on The Inside Mag. Phil is an incredible writer, his descriptions are always so rich and vibrant and I love the twists and turns his stories take. Early next year he will be launching his website and blog, and publishing the first story in his trilogy of novellas, which are prequels to his novel. If you like sci-fi and fantasy, you really should take a look at his work. I’ve wanted to get him out for years for a photo shoot, and I finally decided that not even the unprecedented monsoon season New Mexico has had this year would stop me.

You can contact Phil for ghost writing inquiries, or just to give him a hard time, on his LinkedIn page.








3 responses to “Philip Charles Stephens | Albuquerque Portrait Photographer

  1. Amazing photos!! I especially love the last one! I think it is my all time favourite of yours at least of Phil because you have some pretty damn amazing Eryn photos too that are way high on my favourites list. ❤

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