Happy Aunt and Uncle Day! | Albuquerque Children’s Photographer

Did you know that today is National Aunt and Uncle Day? If your sister is anything like my sister and takes her responsibilities as Aunt very seriously, then you probably do. Charlie is so lucky to have such an amazing group of Aunts and Uncles. No matter how busy or how far away they are, they never forget a birthday, they take time out of their busy days to make him laugh, and they send him the coolest Arsenal gear.

I just wanted to take a moment to specially thank my sister, Stephanie. She has been puked on, peed on, and pooped on. She changes diapers and gives Charlie bubble baths. She always babysits when we need her to, and is dreaming of the day she and Charlie can have a sleep over in a fort. I am dreaming of the day they have sleepovers as well…








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