From the Beginning….

For months I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what my first blog post will be about. Finally, I settled on just starting at the beginning, with how I got interested in photography.  As I have stated on my website, I grew up surrounded by my mother’s love for art. My first foray into photography, though, started with my father. Both my grandfathers were photographers and I was captivated by the vintage cameras they had lying around. When I was a kid, my dad pulled out his father’s Minolta Hi-Matic 7S and let me run through film like crazy. Pretty much everything I shot was blurry, and what wasn’t blurry was pretty uninspiring, but I was hooked.

Copyright Jennifer Lynne Photographie

We would take camping trips where my dad and I would hike out into the woods and just spend all afternoon taking pictures. I have hundreds of pictures of bugs and leaves and flowers. Those afternoons taught me to pick my shots with care, because we could only take so much film with us. They taught me to look at the small details and how to create art just for the sake of creating it, without the pressure of business and making money. I still love going out in the middle of nowhere without the pressure of creating for someone else. While I love shooting for my clients, I love the freedom to make mistakes, to take blurry uninspiring photos. It is where I find inspiration, and recharge my creative batteries.

Copyright Jennifer Lynne Photographie

I just bought Charlie his first film camera. I want him to feel the joy of carefully picking out his images and the pride of thumbing through a pack of blurry ill-exposed photos. You might think he is too young, but he just took his first photographs of the diaper bag with our point and shoot, including a lovely self-portrait.

Recently, my dad even modeled for me and his portrait was selected for exhibition in the Guerrilla Photo Group art show. I wouldn’t have made it to my first art show without him. Thank you for your support and love, dad.

Copyright Jennifer Lynne Photographie


3 responses to “From the Beginning….

  1. Loved reading it Jennifer. I’m glad you grew up in such an environment since it was photography that brought us together and also now we can enjoy looking at your beautiful work.
    Lots of love and I hope you keep taking the steps higher and higher.
    Can’t wait to see more of Charlie’s works by the way!! xx

  2. Jen this post was lovely, can’t wait to read more in the future! And Charlie has some real talent going on! 🙂 And I think it is great that you already got him his first camera.
    The thing about picking out what to shoot carefully because you only have some much film is inspiring for me in a way, and I want to do that too with film some day. You are so inspiring!
    So proud of all the things you create and do! And I’m so excited for you about the art exhibition!
    Love you! ❤

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